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Media Arts: Web Design

With the impact of technology on the design fields, designers are required to have both artistic and computer skills. The Graphic Design and Media Arts programs acquaint the student with artistic principles while developing each student's ability to solve problems and create on the computer. Phoenix College offers a wide variety of programs in this exciting field including: Computer Graphic Design, Computer Art/ Illustration, Digital Animation, Digital Imaging, Web Page Design, and Digital Photography.

The Phoenix College Media Arts: Web Design program is designed for the student who wishes to develop marketable skills in the area of Web Design. The program provides the student with an understanding of storyboards, page layout tools, graphic file formats, presentation techniques, web design, and the Internet. It allows for the development of an individual's personal interest in this area, prepares students for employment, and upgrades skills of those already employed in this field. 

Knowledge and Skills

Skills and knowledge gained in the program include the ability to:

  • Use various software applications to create finished artwork, which illustrates understanding of layout, design, typography, and color use in graphics.
  • Use computer information systems, computer concepts, microcomputer applications, and programming techniques.
  • Create and produce Web pages by applying current theory of composition and design, color, and graphics.
  • Use interactive multimedia devices such as video, sound, and animation to assemble, construct, produce, and present a movie sequence using advanced computer modeling, digital special effects, and digital compositing methods. 
  • Market a product and prepare a portfolio of art and graphics for self-promotion. 

Career and Employment Outlook

There are several different career paths available in the field of web design. Entry-level positions may involve designing certain elements of a Web page or Web site; project managers are in charge of the design or redesign of entire Web sites and design directors oversee the work of a number of web designers, reviewing and correcting it and making suggestions to improve the design. 

Employment opportunities include Web designer, interface designer, desktop publisher, creative/design director, layout artist, freelance artist-designer, graphic design artist, and multimedia artist. For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage, and employment trend information.