Organizational Leadership & Management

The Organizational Leadership & Management program provides students with a customized curriculum specific to the student's individual needs in addition to the knowledge and skills needed in today's changing workplace. The program develops leadership and communication skills and techniques for planning, directing, and evaluating business situations with an emphasis on effective allocation of time, money, materials, space, and personnel. There is a strong focus on continual improvement, ethics, and social responsibility.

Knowledge and Skills

PC’s program is designed to develop your skills in areas such as project management, supervision, planning, business communication, human relations and business organization & management.

Skills and knowledge gained in the program include the ability to:

  • Acquire and evaluate data, interpret information and communicate effectively in business situations.
  • Demonstrate skills in leading, negotiating, and working in harmony with others in a business setting.
  • Describe organizational structures and the functions of planning, directing and evaluating in a business setting.
  • Apply current technology to specific business tasks.
  • Describe the function of social, organizational, economic and technological systems.
  • Demonstrate effective allocation of time, money, materials, space and personnel.

Career and Employment Outlook

A successful candidate with a background in Organizational Leadership will work in a business, industry or government organization and may plan, direct, or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization. The scope is broad and the salary range is dependent on the position and responsibilities as well as the organization.

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