Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

Law Enforcement Program

Course Description

This is an intense, fast-track, hybrid program for law-enforcement officers who have completed the application process, which can be obtained by each agency's phlebotomy coordinator.

Schedule and Length

The program consists of two classes - PLB109 and PLB110AA.  Included in this is a clinical experience requirement.


The total program cost including tuition and lab fees, is approximately $460.00.  Tuition payment must be made at least one week prior to the first day of class.  Once the course has begun, there will be NO REFUNDS given.


To be considered for the program, officers must complete an application form, obtained from the officer's agency phlebotomy coordinator. Included in this requirement is proof of immunizations, CPR training, and drug testing.

During the program, officers are required to perform venipunctures on each other and complete homework outside of class.  During program hours, officers must wear scrubs or a lab coat with a collared shirt and slacks.

Additional Information

Email Candace Byrd, for information.