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The Phoenix College Reading curriculum provides students with the opportunity to acquire and develop literacy necessary to build a foundation for success with academic, occupational, developmental, and personal enrichment goals. Reading classes are designed for students who need to improve the ability to understand and retain materials read in college-level texts.

Coursework emphasizes:

  • Comprehension Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Critical Reading
  • Critical Thinking

A wide variety of reading courses. These courses have been designed to develop and improve students' skills are offered contextualized for Fields of Interest. These courses have been designed to develop and improve students' skills so that they can attain personal and academic goals..

Program Certificate

Placement test scores or instructor permission is required for enrollment into reading courses. While this program does not offer a program certificate or degree option, it does provide:

  • Quality reading/study skill instruction enabling students to improve and extend their academic reading skills.
  • Development of research and critical analysis skills through enhanced reading instruction.
  • Development of critical reading and thinking skills relevant to students’ field of interest

Note: CRE101 satisfies the Critical Reading General Education Requirement. However, if students complete CRE 101 and apply it to AGEC-A Core Requirements or if the students demonstrate proficiency through assessment, then the Critical Reading requirement has been satisfied and additional electives may be taken.

See an academic advisor for assistance with course equivalencies or visit the Testing Center to take the ACCUPLACER course placement test.