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Course List

Social Work Courses:

Course# Course Name (Link to Related Courses)
 SWU130 Addictions and Substance Use Disorders
Sociological, psychological and physiological aspects of addictive behaviors and chemical abuse. Consideration of a variety of treatment programs offered in community agencies.
 SWU171 Introduction to Social Work
An introduction to the fields within the area of social work through a study of the disciplines of social case work, social group work, and community organization. Opportunities to experience the various techniques of practice within each discipline. Required for students enrolled in the associate degree program of the social work curriculum. Prerequisites: Eligibility for ENG101 and CRE101.
 SWU183 Introductory Ethics: A Social Service Perspective
Introductory exploration of ethics from a historical and multicultural perspective viewed through the lens of contemporary social issues. Prerequisites: None. General Education Designation: Humanities, Arts and Design - [HU]
 SWU258 Victimology and Crisis Management
Victimology, the criminal justice system, techniques of crisis intervention, and the importance of a multicultural and global perspective. Includes sexual assault, family violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, the role of substance abuse, effective coping skills, appropriate community resources and the responsiveness of the justice system. Requisites: None Course Attributes:General Education Designation: Cultural Diversity - [C] General Education Designation: Social and Behavioral Sciences - [SB] Cross-References: AJS258 EMT258 FSC258
 SWU291 Social Service Delivery Systems
Purposes, structures, and delivery systems of human service agencies. Includes 40 hours of volunteer experience in local human service agencies. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in SWU171, or permission of Department or Division Corequisites: SWU171, or permission of the department
 SWU295 Effective Helping in a Diverse World
Introduction to professional helper communication skills with respect to cross-cultural practice and diversity issues, in a social work setting. Prerequisites: None. (SOC101 and SWU102) or SWU171 suggested but not required.