Course List

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
Fundamental concepts of social organization, culture, socialization, social institutions and social change. Prerequisites: None. (3 credits)

General Education Designations: SB

SOC140 Racial & Ethnic Minorities
Contemporary/Historical racial and ethnic intergroup relations emphasizing cultural origins, developments, and problems of minority groups in the United States. Prerequisites: None. (3 credits)

General Education Designations: C, SB

SOC157 Sociology of Marriage & Family
The study of courtship, marriage, and family patterns, their historical development, their adaptation to a changing culture, and their impact on individuals. Prerequisites: None.  (3 credits)

SOC212 Gender and Society
A study of the way culture shapes and defines the positions and roles of both men and women in society. Major emphasis on social conditions which may lead to a broadening of gender roles and a reduction of gender role stereotypes and the implications of these changes. Open to both men and women. Prerequisites: None.(3 credits)

SOC251 Social Problems
A sociological exploration of selected social problems and inequalities. Analyzes issues in health care, dependencies, crime/violence, inequalities in race/class/gender/region/age, family, education, work, the economy, population migration/immigration, the environment, war and global insecurity. Prerequisites: None. (3 credits)