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Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

All in-person and hybrid classes are suspended through Sunday, April 5, 2020. All current online classes will continue to be held as scheduled.
Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for any additional class information.
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Course List

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
Fundamental concepts of social organization, culture, socialization, social institutions and social change. Prerequisites: None. (3 credits)

General Education Designations: SB

SOC140 Racial & Ethnic Minorities
Contemporary/Historical racial and ethnic intergroup relations emphasizing cultural origins, developments, and problems of minority groups in the United States. Prerequisites: None. (3 credits)

General Education Designations: C, SB

SOC157 Sociology of Marriage & Family
The study of courtship, marriage, and family patterns, their historical development, their adaptation to a changing culture, and their impact on individuals. Prerequisites: None.  (3 credits)

SOC212 Gender and Society
A study of the way culture shapes and defines the positions and roles of both men and women in society. Major emphasis on social conditions which may lead to a broadening of gender roles and a reduction of gender role stereotypes and the implications of these changes. Open to both men and women. Prerequisites: None.(3 credits)

SOC251 Social Problems
A sociological exploration of selected social problems and inequalities. Analyzes issues in health care, dependencies, crime/violence, inequalities in race/class/gender/region/age, family, education, work, the economy, population migration/immigration, the environment, war and global insecurity. Prerequisites: None. (3 credits)