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Community Partner Resources & Information

What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning connects meaningful community service with academic learning, personal growth, and civic responsibility. Enhancing student experiences beyond the classroom provides opportunities to use skills and knowledge in real life situations. A Service Project can take place in the community, nationally, or globally.

Why Would I Want To Do This?

By providing service opportunities in your agencies, civic organization, or citizen advocacy groups, you are helping build strong community connections. Work with us to develop the social character of the next generation. 

There are different types of service that students can participate:

In Class Module: An entire class or groups of students decide to address a community need through relevant service. The entire class or groups of students can take on different projects.

Independent Class 282 Module: Students will serve individually at a community agency and agree upon the hours and type of service with a Phoenix College faculty member and community partner.

One-Time Events: We will be hosting Days of Service each semester that will be open to the entire college. Our students and faculty can also send students to community events such as a community health fair, park clean-up, Susan Komen Breast Cancer 5k, or an Empty Bowls ceramics food fundraiser as long as it meets their educational objectives.

Interested in becoming a community educational partner? Download the application packetCommunity Partner On-boarding Packet

Note: The MCCD Experiential Partnership Agreement requires the signature of the person in legal authority to enter into a legally binding agreement with our District.

Packet Download

Return your completed forms to:

Student Life & Leadership Office - Student Union 
Service Learning Coordinator 
1202 West Thomas Road 
Phoenix, Arizona 85013

Fax: (602) 285-7960

Email to send a scanned PDF:

Please return your forms as quickly as possible for our students to serve at your site.

Agency Training is provided upon request. For more information or questions contact: 

Lupe Conchas 
Service Learning Coordinator
Office: 602-285-7231
Fax: 602-285-7960