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Student Resources

What are the Benefits to the Student?

  • Enhances your learning
  • Connects what you’re doing in the classroom to the real world
  • Expands your leadership skills, clarifies your values
  • Makes you feel good about your work and who you are
  • Fosters your engagement to the community
  • Allows you to try out possible careers
  • Builds your resume, gives you new skills, creates a network
  • Increases your scholarship eligibility
  • Encourages you to always give back

How do I get involved in Service Learning?

In-Class Module

Service-learning is embedded into your classroom experience in this method. You might be asked as an individual or small-/large-group to select and serve an approved community partner. Or, your faculty member may already have an organization in mind. You will need to then contact the approved community partner and arrange the features of your service work – an important part of your available learning. Plus, there will be a cumulative academic assignment that is reflective in nature. This might be an individual/group presentation or creative element, a campus/community event, or semester journal. Whatever the details, service-learning is a very definite part of the course.

Independent Class 282 Module

If you want to do service-learning on your own, select a community agency of choice, and receive college credit then consider this approach. This is an Independent Study that requires a faculty advisor and it awards 1 college credit for every 50 hours per semester.

1 credit hour = 50 hours of service (per semester) 

2 credit hours = 100 hours of service (per semester) 

3 credit hours = 150 hours of service (per semester)

Please contact for more information or visit the Student Life & Leadership Office.

One-Time Event & Extra-Credit

Each semester, our office plans and hosts Phoenix College Days of Service. Many classes connect with service-learning through this option. Just like with the In-course Approach, this style will likely have a final project that asks you to reflect on your experience and apply your classroom learning. The biggest difference between the two is that the details of this experience are all handled by our office. You just show up and serve!


Service Learning Ideas

Please see below for Service Learning projects examples that can be implemented in your classroom and/or club or done as an individual project.  This is by no means a complete list of projects so please feel free to think outside of the box and be creative.