Learning Commons

Learning Commons

Our mission is to help students develop the skills to become confident, life-long learners. We are guided by the learning centered principles of evaluation, communication, collaboration, and responsibility.

LC Services for PC Students:

  • Drop In Tutoring: FREE in-person, no appointment needed, academic tutoring
  • Writing Center: FREE in-person support for all writing, reading, and study concerns
  • Online Tutoring: 5 hours per semester of FREE online tutoring through Smarthinking
  • Brush Up Step Up: FREE online, self-paced study program to prepare for the Accuplacer placement exam content
  • FREE Workshop for preparation of the Accuplacer placement exam content and test, includes tutoring support
  • Access to trained staff to support your academic success
  • FREE access to computers, collaboration rooms, WIFI, and study areas
  • Use of calculators, anatomy models, textbooks, and laptops in the Learning Commons
  • FREE learning handouts
  • Textbooks and learning materials for some Open Educational Resource classes
  • Mentoring: FREE in-person support with educational and career concerns, options, and goals
  • FREE Virtual Tutoring for American Sign Language
  • Limited appointment based tutoring with referral from counselor

LC Services for PC Faculty:

  • Faculty requests for student support
  • Classroom visits or tours of the Learning Commons
  • Collaboration with student success plans
  • Reports on student tutoring sessions
  • Reports on student time at the Learning Commons
  • Tutoring assignment in the Learning Commons in lieu of required committee work

LC Services for Maricopa Students and Community Members:

  • HESI A2 Workshops: prepares any Maricopa student for the nursing entrance exam; includes tutoring services
  • ESL Conversation Circles: program for students and members of the community that wish to enhance English listening and speaking skills

Student Resources  

Student Survival Guide -resources available at Phoenix College to help you with success as a student.

Learning Commons' Resources - the Learning Commons has compiled links to websites to support your learning.

Drop-In Tutoring

Academic Tutoring Schedules

  • Tutor Schedule by Subject:  Fall 2016
  • Tutor Schedule by Tutor:  Fall 2016

Tutoring is available FREE to all Phoenix College students for the courses you are currently enrolled at Phoenix College. For Math and Science tutoring, you will visit with your tutor to work on a single question/concept or for 15 minutes, whichever comes first. Please complete the Math/Science Visit Verification Form while you prepare for your tutoring session, available at the Tutoring Check-In Desk. For the Writing Center, you will work with a tutor for up to 20 minutes each visit. You may check-in again for additional tutoring. Preference is given to students that haven't been seen at least once.

What to Bring:

  • Yourself as early in the semester and as often as you can.
  • Your class notes, syllabus, textbook, assignment, and homework.
  • Your valid Phoenix College student ID (Cub Card) to check out resources.
  • Other students to start a study group.

Faculty Request for Student Support

Faculty, if you would like to have your student work on specific learning skills, please use the Learning Skills Referral Form.

For the Writing Center, please use the Writing Center Referral Form.

You may send the referral form with the student (keep a copy for yourself) or you may email it to the LC Technician or Coordinator.

Writing Center

The Writing Center assists with any writing or reading project. Our tutors will help you to understand your assignment, develop a thesis statement, organize sentences and paragraphs, learn grammar, and much more. We also help with speeches and essays for scholarship and transfer applications.


Trained Peer Mentors will assist you with your student experience. Mentors guide you with registration, academic and career options and goals, scholarship applications, talking to your instructor, transfer concerns, and referrals to other services at Phoenix College. 

ESL Conversation Circles: Fall 2016 Flier

Conversation Circles, led by a trained ESL Tutor, is an informal gathering of people who meet to practice their English listening and speaking skills. You may attend as many or as few gatherings as your schedule permits. You don't need to be a student to participate, so bring family and friends for lots of fun. There is a small fee of $7.00 per person per semester. Conversation Circles meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM. The location will be provided when you sign up at the Learning Commons Reception desk, L023G.

Online Tutoring

Phoenix College provides 5 hours of FREE online tutoring per semester for each student. For more information and where to go if you need support for this service, please review Using Online Tutoring. To access online tutoring, click on "Online Tutoring" under the "Support Services" menu on the left of this page or use the following link: Connect to Smarthinking.

Brush Up Step Up

Self-paced online study program to prepare you for the Phoenix College placement exam. To qualify for this FREE program, you must have taken the Accuplacer placement exam at least once or been out of school for 1 or more years. The program covers concepts in reading, writing, and math. To sign up, come to the Learning Commons Reception desk, L023G.

Virtual Tutoring

Meet up with a tutor using Adobe Connect. Your tutor will let you know if the session is being recorded.  Adobe Connect Instructions.

American Sign Language:  Connect to ASL Virtual Tutor.  For American Sign Language, please use a webcam for the best learning experience.

ASL Virtual Tutoring will resume Fall 2016.

Classroom Visits/Tours

A tutor will come to your classroom to talk about the resources in the Learning Commons. Or you may bring your class to the Learning Commons. Faculty, please contact the LC Technician to set up a time for your students to learn about the support services that are available for student success in the Learning Commons.


HESI A2 Workshop: Fall 2016 Flier

The Learning Commons provides a workshop to prepare you for the HESI A2 exam. The fee for the workshop is $25.00 per person, but includes tutoring post workshop at the Phoenix College Learning Commons. You need to be a student at one of the Maricopa Community Colleges. To register, please contact the Learning Commons Office Coordinator at 602-285-7808.

Accuplacer Workshop: Fall 2016 Flier

The Accuplacer exam determines your placement into writing, reading, and math courses. Refreshing your skills and preparing for this exam will ensure that you are properly placed into classes and allow you to move through your desired program as efficiently as possible. There are many ways to prepare for the exam and you should choose one that best fits your needs. The FREE Accuplacer Workshop is one way to feel confident that you are prepared for this important exam.

The Accuplacer Workshop is presented by the Learning Commons' Tutors and is free to anyone that has been admitted to Phoenix College. The workshop covers writing, reading, math, and testing strategies for this specific exam. Accuplacer workshop attendees are also eligible for FREE tutoring in the Learning Commons. 

Phoenix College Testing Services has more information on Accuplacer preparation and testing requirements at Phoenix College.

Contact the Brush Up Step Up program at the Learning Commons for free self-paced content on reading, writing, and math for the placement exam. Or download the FREE PDF of the Accuplacer Study Guide by Study Guide Zone which has both free and for cost resources and links to prepare you for the Accuplacer placement exam. Additionally,Mometrix has FREE review courses and practice tests for the Accuplacer and for cost study guides and flash cards. 

Want to Join Our Team?

If you are a friendly, patient, dependable person and like helping others, come join our team. We welcome volunteers.

Please submit an application and appropriate documentation at the Learning Commons Reception desk, L023G or send scanned application materials to the Learning Commons Office Coordinator. Transcripts are required for all positions.

Learning Commons Employment Application

Faculty Recommendation Form

PC Pay Scale for Temporary Learning Enhancement Positions (FY2016)