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PC History

PC Book Cover 2020
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The Our Past. Your Future. History of Phoenix College Book is a vivid accounting of Phoenix College’s incredible 100-year history. Stories of equity and access are woven throughout the book – memorialized by author and PC alumna, Stella Pope Duarte.

The book highlights significant PC milestones, including the civilian pilot training program, early computer-aided instruction, social justice programming, and decades-long traditions like Bear Day, collegiate athletics, and important educational innovations.

Phoenix College has a long history of adapting to meet the changing needs of students and the community. As the cultural landscape changes, Phoenix College is an important voice; reflecting, educating and serving our community.

PC’s Centennial coffee table book, with foreword by Arizona State Historian Marshall Trimble, and Future chapter by Phoenix College President Dr. Larry Johnson, Jr. – is not to be missed! At just $29, the book is an affordable keepsake and makes a great gift! Proceeds from book sales fund the new My Future Scholarship; helping ensure educational opportunity and equity for generations to come.