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Implementing Indigeneity

Implementing Indigeneity


Indigeneity recognizes the cultural, religious, perspectival, and holistic contributions of Indigenous people.  

The American educational system is addressing the systemic problems of hierarchical thinking, exploitation, and marginalization.  It's time to consider what should come next, and how Indigeneity can inform that process.

Join us for a 3-Part Workshop Series that will start this conversation with a question: How can we better serve Indigenous students, faculty, and staff at Maricopa?

The series has been brought to you by Phoenix College CAIIPP:  The Committee on American Indian Initiatives, Programs and Projects.



Rowdy Duncan, a full-time instructor of Communication at Phoenix College, is hosting the Implementing Indigeneity workshops.  

Recently, he sat down to discuss the series at New Media Lab Experience, a multimedia teaching facility, at Mesa Community College.  Anchored by Dr. Eddie Webb—an American Indian scholar, and professor of English—the conversation synopsizes the series. 

Listen for unique, and personal, perspectives from two Native American educators, as they reflect on Indigeneity's potential to improve education.




Understanding Indigenous Practices - Friday, August 20.  Noon - 4 pm.

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Colonial Thinking, and its opposite, Indigenous Thinking, have historically impacted most civilizations. Learn about their implications for expanding Indigenous Innovation.

Distinguished Guests:
Dr. Paulette Steeves, University of Algoma; Cree-Métis.
Lori Campbell, University of Regina, Office of Indigenization.


Returning to Indigenous Cultural Values  - Tuesday, October 12. 1 - 5 pm.

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Indigeneity offers cultural thoughts, ideas, and concepts that can improve learning outcomes.  Explore how we can foster Indigenous Innovation by applying these principles within American education.

This workshop follows Indigenous Peoples' Day 2021 by less than 24 hours, and is a great way to reflect on the significance of Indigenous philosophies.

Distinguished Guests:
Angelita Borbón, Indigenous Science; Yaqui.
Lakota Harden, Indigenous Orator & Community Organizer; Minnecoujou/Yankton Lakota and HoChunk.


Applying Indigeneity Across Maricopa - Tuesday, November 16. Noon - 4 pm.

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Indigeneity builds consensus through peacemaking, mediation and reconciliation. Join a discussion about how gathering ideation can Indigenize learning at Maricopa.

Distinguished Guests:
Rex Lee Jim, Dine College
Dr. Michael Yellow Bird, University of Manitoba; Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara


Faculty Professional Growth

Each 4-hour workshop counts towards Faculty Professional Growth (FPG).