Computer Use

Computer Use in the Library Computer Labs

Each account owner is solely responsible for their account. Do not share your user account information (MEID/password) with another person. If you do, you will be solely responsible for the actions of the other person. Individuals who intentionally misuse account privileges, degrade system performance, misappropriate, or interfere with the operation of information technologies may be subject to disciplinary actions.

As a user of information technologies, you are subject to applicable Arizona State and Federal laws. Violations will be referred to the Dean of Information Technology (staff) and/or the Dean of Student Affairs (students). Phoenix College reserves the right to investigate suspected violations using all appropriate means. Furthermore, the College may terminate or restrict any person's access to its technologies, without prior notice, if such action is necessary to maintain availability, security, and integrity of operations for other users of the technologies. Those who do not accept these standards of behavior will be denied use of Phoenix College information technologies. The Phoenix College Student Handbook (updated annually), employee policies, and administrative regulations approved by the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board contain processes for addressing violations.

Your signature on an account application, on-line registration for a computing or communications account (including your MEID), and/or use of Phoenix College IT systems or services denotes that you understand these policies and accept the above stated terms of use.