Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED: CLASSES AND SERVICES AVAILABLE REMOTELY: Registration for the Fall 2020 semester is open. Select student services will be available in-person beginning August 10.  Maricopa Coronavirus Website  |  CARES Funding FAQs  |  Need Help?  | Remote Services & Support


Tuition Refunds

Maricopa Community Colleges, which Phoenix College is a part of, has recently updated its Refund Policy due to the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our processes and policies are evolving in response to the daily changes we're experiencing due to COVID-19. Updates may be added to this page, so we recommend checking back periodically for updates.

All students who have officially dropped from classes, within the scheduled refund deadline, will be eligible for a refund or tuition credit based on the refund schedule.

 All refunds of cash, check, and payment plan payments are issued through the Maricopa Student Refund Program (see MSRP link menu option on left side of page). No refunds of cash are available. Refunds of credit card payments will be made only to the credit card on which the original payment was processed.

  • Note: Refunds of check and ACH (eCheck) payments will only be made 30 days after posting of the applicable payment.  Earlier processing is possible upon presentation of evidence that the check has cleared the bank. Such evidence may include the canceled check or a bank statement. Please do not bypass the refund process by placing a stop payment on a check made payable to Phoenix College. This could result in additional fees and delays in future services.