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Service-Learning is a teaching and learning method that connects meaningful service to the community with academic learning through guided reflection. Areas of focus include: critical thinking and problem solving, values clarification, career exploration, social and personal development, as well as civic and community responsibility. There are key factors to make this experience valuable:

  1. The service must be linked to the course competencies or objectives, and needs to be a relevant experience for each student.
  2. Instructors are encouraged to incorporate a service-learning component into their classes to give students more of a real-word experience. In addition to helping students learn new skills, it provides them opportunities to network in the community and explore different career paths.
  3. Service-learning activities engage and partners with community organizations, in providing opportunities for students.

There are different types of service that students can participate:

  • In Class Module: An entire class or groups of students decide to address a community need through relevant service. The entire class or groups of students can take on different projects.
  • Independent Class  Module: Students will serve individually at a community agency and agree upon the hours and type of service with a Phoenix College faculty member and community partner.
  • One-Time Events: We will be hosting Days of Service each semester that will be open to the entire college.  


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