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Overcoming Hurdles | Focus Magazine - 2022-2023

Focus Magazine - 2023-2024 

Phoenix College FOCUS Magazine serves as a powerful source of inspiration, uniting students, alumni, donors, and community members through the celebration of success and achievement. 

This annual publication embodies the vibrant spirit of Phoenix College, delivering important updates, and sharing compelling stories that shine a spotlight on students, faculty, and alumni. The magazine has transitioned into a primarily online format in an effort to be more sustainable and to make it more accessible to a larger audience.

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The FOCUS Mission

The mission of Focus Magazine is to engage alumni, friends, partners, supporters, neighbors, and the Phoenix College community. Have feedback? Email us at, or call 602-285-7667.

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Join your vibrant community of life-long learners, art and theatre afficionados, and literary enthusiasts. 

Explore the many opportunities at Phoenix College, from community resources, non-credit classes, health and fitness, library, and the visual & performing arts.

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