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Bequests, Wills & Trusts

Photo of Charles and Elizabeth
Creating a Legacy through Bequest

A bequest in your will or trust is one of the easiest gifts to make. With the help of an advisor, or through an online tool like, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift to Phoenix College as part of your estate plan.  

Bequests that name Phoenix College (via our partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation), enable you and your family to leave a lasting legacy on campus. 

A bequest can be made in several ways:

  • You can gift a percentage of your estate [Percentage Bequest]
  • You can gift a specific dollar amount or asset [Specific Bequest]
  • You can gift from the balance or residual of your estate [Residual Bequest]
  • You can make a beneficiary designation of certain assets [Contingent Bequest]

Sample Bequest Language for Wills and Trusts:

I hereby give ____ percent (___%) of my total estate, determined as of the date of my death, to Phoenix College – via the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 2419 West 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281, Federal Tax ID #860327449, for Phoenix College’s use and purpose.

A Legacy Story

Charles met his wife, Elizabeth, while taking classes at Phoenix College (PC) in the late 1960s. They credit PC with starting their careers, and by way of bringing them together - their family. Since that time, both their family and dedication to Phoenix College have grown. Two of their three children have taken classes at PC and Elizabeth comes to campus to take advantage of the senior class discount at the gym.  

Charles and Elizabeth are proud of the legacy of love and generosity that has influenced their lives, and they wanted to ensure they created a legacy that lived beyond their years. They love their children and young grandchildren, but they wanted to leave more than just money to them; they desired to create a family legacy of helping others.

They’d always yearned to give a significant gift to their favorite organizations but worried that doing so, during their life, could jeopardize their future financial needs. 

Elizabeth heard a promotion on the radio talking about leaving a percentage of your Will or Trust to a cause you care about. She went home and asked Charles about the idea and he agreed it would be a great way to share their passion for giving. They created a will outlining that each of their three children would receive 30 percent of their assets, with 5 percent of their assets going to Phoenix College to support student scholarships and the other 5 percent divided amongst two of their other favorite causes. They sat down with their children and explained that, instead of them each receiving 33% of their assets, they would each get 30% so that 10% could go to support their most cherished causes. One of their sons was even inspired to add legacy giving to his will!  

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