Smart Gifts

Smart Gifts

Why not gift tax burdened assets to Phoenix College through the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation and they can sell tax free?  You can get the full market value, a charitable tax deduction, and help empower and educate our community while also avoiding taxes.  There are tools and strategies for all types of assets and tax issues

Smart asset gifts provide tax benefits to donors, creating larger donations and a greater overall impact to Phoenix College.

There are several types of smart gifts:

Income Gifts - A gift to Phoenix College which provides an annual income for you (i.e. annuity).

Land/Business Gifts - A gift of personal or business property/assets which save money on taxes on the sale of the land or business asset.

Retirement Asset - A gift of IRA distributions from the Required Minimum Distributions after the age of 71.

Stock and Securities Asset - A gift of stock or securities which saves money on tax burden for appreciated stock.

Tax Advantaged - Other smart gifts include creating a donor advised fund (DAF), gifting life insurance, and gifting retirement investment annuities.

Before you sell any appreciated asset, such as real estate, stock, investment asset, or business interest, you should consider how much taxes you will have to pay.  It might be a great win-win scenario if you give all or part of the asset to Phoenix College.  You will be supporting education, saving on taxes, and doing good for the community. 


Planned Giving

Planned Giving

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