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Native American Heritage Month

Join events celebrating  Native American Heritage Month at Phoenix College

November honors the vibrant and diverse cultures of the Native American Community. 


Family and community traditions, literature, and the arts reflect the long history of Indigenous people across what we now call the United States. 

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month by joining events at Phoenix College, and throughout the Maricopa community.



James Junes: Healing with Humor

WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER 17   |   6 - 7 pm 
James Junes, Native American speaker and comedian, will perform virtually on November 16, before the Phoenix College community.
Virtual.  Enjoy an inspirational presentation centered around wellness, and realizing your individual strengths.  You may already know the work of Native American comedian and speaker, James Junes, who performs in the stand-up troupes James & Ernie Comedy and 49 Laughs Comedy.  

Junes, who is Diné and Hopi, uses humor, as well as stories from his heritage, and personal experiences, to deliver a message about overcoming life's challenges and traveling down 'The Good Road of Life.'

Pre-Registration Required.  
A link to attend will be emailed to you.

Sponsored by Phoenix College Student Life & Leadership.


Decolonizing Strategies to Support American Indian Students

THURSDAY,  NOVEMBER 18   |   11 am - 12:30 pm 

Virtual.  Decolonization is intended to bring about comprehensive freedom, and self-determination, for Indigenous people.   Canadian scholar and writer Eric Ritskes, refers to it as a "writing back" against mentalities that permeate all institutions, both within, and outside government.  Join a discussion that examines how the educational system can better support American Indian students.

Join at Meeting Time, through ZOOM.  No Pre-Registration Required.  
     Meeting ID:   851 8235 8940
     Passcode:    806295

Sponsored by the MCCCD EIDC Committee.


Roanna Shebala, spoken word Artist

TUESDAY,  NOVEMBER 23    |    6 - 7 pm 
Virtual.  The poetry, and presence, of Roanna Shebala will impress you.  She's performed for audiences across the country, often in areas where Native American voices are unheard.  Shebala's work addresses the appropriation of her people's culture, and reclaims identity that has been distorted by the editors of history. 

Shebala is of the Diné Tribe.  She brings the voice of her heritage, and upbringing, into her work.

Pre-Registration Required.  
A link to attend will be emailed to you.

Sponsored by Phoenix College Student Life & Leadership.