Women's History Month

Phoenix College Women Leaders

Mildred Bulpitt


Phoenix College Women are Making History!

Over 60% of today's Phoenix College students identify as female—a testament to the many award-winning women instructors who engage them in the classroom. 
While the number of women students has grown in recent decades, PC's commitment to educational equity dates to its founding over a century ago.  The college has been served by many women presidents; and, has nurtured accomplished alumnae leaders, including the state's first female governor, Rose Mofford; world champion soccer player, Jessica McDonald; and retired chief justice of the Arizona supreme court, Rebecca White Berch.
This March, come to the table as we discuss issues important to women, and their allies.



Explore Women's History Month Events at Phoenix College

Campus Events

Women Leaders - Bear Talk
MONDAY, MARCH 4  |  10 am - 1 pm

Women's HERstory Month Kickoff &
Bear Talk Series: Women Leaders at Phoenix College

Stop by Sophomore Square for activities commemorating Women's History Month.  

You'll also want to visit the Student Union to join three women leaders of the collegeAdrianna Coronel, Amy MacPherson, and Kristine Kincaidwho'll share how their experiences shaped who they are today.  Refreshments will be served.

No pre-registration is required.  Sponsored by Phoenix College Student Life & Leadership.

Explore Women's History Month Events at Phoenix College

From the Library

Phoenix College Women Leaders

Women's History Month Phoenix College Library


Diverse Viewpoints, Important Issues

Discover voices that are chronicling women's stories of achievement, perseverance, and political strength.

Drop by Fannin Library to explore suggested books and media.

Explore the Digital Display


Explore Women's History Month Events at Phoenix College


Around the Valley

Southwest Garden Party

Art Exhibit: Women of the West

Explore the work of influential women artists who were connected to Arizona throughout the late territorial period, and early 20th century.  

The museum is located at 3830 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale.  Purchase tickets and view hours on the museum website.  Admission discounts are available to students, children, and seniors.

Phoenix Science Center
SAT, MAR. 2 &  SAT, MAR. 9  |  1 - 4 pm

STEAM Careers: Teen Panels

Join the series making STEAM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Arts - Math) careers accessible to aspiring scientists! Developed with teens (age 12+) in mind, but also open to adults, guests will participate in informative Q+A panels, expert-led mini-workshops.

The Mar. 2 session titled, Piece Of The Pi, will focus on actuarial science, space and the environment, microbiology, chemical engineering, and marine biology with Kinsey Turk, Katie Weaver, Emma Royster, Chantal Navratil, and Janna Hynds.  On Mar. 9, Stars 'N Space will illuminate space careers through the expertise of Dr. Erika Hamden, Brooke Owen, Hani Abdulle.  Purchase tickets on the museum website.  The Arizona Science Center is located at 600 E. Washington St, Phoenix. 

Barbie®: A Cultural Icon

Barbie®: A Cultural Icon

Trace the evolution of Barbie, from child’s toy to global icon.

Created by Illusion Projects and Mattel, Inc., Barbie®: A Cultural Icon examines the Barbie brand’s 60+ year history and the doll’s global impact on pop culture. Across six distinct sections, visitors experience more than 250 vintage dolls—including the original Barbie—from the collections of private collector David Porcello and Mattel, life-size fashion designs, exclusive interviews, and narrative sections that consider the style trends, careers, and identities that Barbie has embodied and popularized over the decades.

Purchase tickets on the museum website.  The Phoenix Art Museum is located at 1625 N. Central Ave, Phoenix.