If you want to better comprehend what’s going on in the world today, you need to understand what has happened in the past. Today’s events do not occur in isolation — they are part of a continuity, a web of interconnected events around the world, stretching back through time. Studying history will give you a sense of our place in this timeline.

Our History program will provide you with a deeper and more informed perspective of the world we live in and the cultures that inhabit it. Get ready to delve into the past, whether it’s world, eastern, western, or American history. The program provides the first two years of a four-year curriculum if you wish to continue on to a four-year institution and specialize in history.

Going on for a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree in history can open the door to various fields, including post-secondary teaching, law, library and archival studies, and museum studies.

Start discovering the past in the History program. Make it happen today.

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Associate Degrees and University Transfer
Associate in Arts, Emphasis in History
Southwest Studies

Why Phoenix College?

To know where we’re going, we must know where we’ve been. Phoenix College’s History program can shed light on past and present issues like politics in American history, as well as the U.S.’s history of progress, war, racism, gender inequalities, economic conflicts, and more. PC’s courses cover western civilization, African American history, Mexican American history, and women in U.S. history. PC offers an Associate in Arts (AA) with an emphasis in history.

Graduates go on to work in the world of education, law, library and archival duties, media, and museum studies, or as professional historians.

Next Steps

Discuss your course load with an academic advisor inside the Hannelly Enrollment Center (HC) at our historic, centrally located campus. Future students may contact the program director, Dr. Ty Welborn, for more information.