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International Studies

Program Overview

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of current and past global issues? Do you want to learn about human diversity and how people and society are connected? Are you interested in world history and its impact on today's world? If you're interested in exploring these questions, join our International Studies program today. The courses in this program span several areas of study — you'll acquire an understanding of world religions and politics, anthropology, the history of Western civilization, environmental biology, biotechnology, the impact of diverse cultures on American life, and so much more!

Upon completion of the International Studies program, you will be qualified for work in non-profit organizations, government agencies, media, and schools teaching about world cultures. Begin your global exploration today and enroll!


Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

International Studies
Why Phoenix College?

If you prefer your classroom to be on the global stage, join Phoenix College’s International Studies program. PC’s global courses span world religions and politics to anthropology, the history of western civilization, and Hispanic heritage in our very own southwest.

PC offers an Academic Certificate (AC) in International Studies. Graduates may go on to work in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, media, and teaching of world cultures.

Next Steps

Discuss your course load with an academic advisor inside the Hannelly Enrollment Center (HC) at our historic, centrally located campus. Future students may contact the program director, Dr. Albert Celoza, for more information.