Academic Grievance

Academic Grievance

Instructional Grievance Process

A student who feels that he/she/they has been treated unfairly or unjustly by a faculty member (full-time or part-time? with regard to an academic process such as grading, testing or assignments shall discuss the issue first with the faculty member involved. Ths conference shall be requested by the student within fifteen (15) working days from the time the student knew or reasonably should have known about the unfair or unjust treatment. 

This instructional grievance process should not be utilized in a case in which a student feels he/she/they has experienced discrimination. If the student feels that he/she/they has experienced discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, identity, national orgin, citzenship status (including document abuse), gender, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or sexual orientation, the student should refer to the Discrimination on Complaint Procedure for Students as administered by the Vice President of Student Affairs. 

Steps for Students to Follow:

  1. If within ten (10) working days of the request for the conference with faculty member, the problem is not resolved or the faculty member has been unable to meet with the student, the student may continue the process by filing a written grievance with the Department/Division Chairperson and appropriate administrative officer at the college/center. This written grievance must be filed with ten (10) working days following the previous deadline. The written grievance will be given to the faculty member five (5) days before any official meetings are convened. 
  2. Upon receipt of a written grievance, the Department/Division Chair or appropriate college administrative officer will work with the parties in an attempt to resolve the conflict. The faculty may ask that the College Faculty Senate President be in attendance. Every attempt will be made to maintain confidentiality during this process. A faculty member will not be required to respond to a grievance which is not in writing and which, when appropriate, did not have specific documentation including dates, times materials, etc. The written grievance will be made available to the faculty member. 
  3. If the grievance is not resolved at this level within ten (10) working days, the student should forward to the Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee, a copy of the original written grievance with an explanation on regarding action taken at each prior leve. The dean of instruction or appropriate college/center administrative officer will meet with the student, faculty member, the College Faculty Senate President if requested by the faculty member and Department/Division Chair and attempt to resolve the issues. This level will be the final step in any grievance process regarding grades. 
  4. If the grievance, other than those concerning grades, is not resolved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee, it may be forward in writing by the student to the College President for final resolution. The College President or designee will issue a final written determination in the grievance process. 
  5. Instructional grievances are resolved at the college level. The district office is not an avenue or appeal for the instructional grievance process. 

Academic Grievance Form