Experts @ PC

Experts @ PC

Department Expertise
  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Germs
  • Global water contamination problem
  • Science and art
Dental Assisting
  • Dental Assisting. sterilization, lab procedures, or office management duties.
  • Current on the evolution of duties among dental assistants in just the past five years and current changes in regulations.
  • SME already for Dentrix, a common computer software used in general dental offices throughout the valley.
  • Certified Dentrix Trainer, one of three here in the state if Arizona.
  • Expert in infection control procedures, regulations, and policies in the dental office and how to implement them into practice.
  • One of my goals as an instructor is to help develop the soft skills required among dental assistants in order to gain employment.
Interim Dean, Student Affairs
  • Academic Advising. Topics related to academic advising can include questions about different academic advising models, how career advising is integrated into academic advising, how advisors teach students about the curriculum (e.g. the skills students learn from general education courses, how to make the most of elective options, how to integrate service learning or internships or study abroad into their degree pathway), and/or professional development for academic advisors.
  • How do colleges support students in career and academic decision making.
  • Published author about advising and has edited two top-selling books about academic advising.
  • Faculty for the Advising Administrator's Institute offered each year by NACADA: the Global Community for Academic Advising
  • Sustainability issues.
  • Gardening/agriculture, wildlife habitat restoration/plants for wildlife, tips for gardening, where to find more gardening help.
  • Certified Maricopa Master Gardener.
  • Her master's thesis involved growing orchids from seeds to study their reproductive biology.
  • Expert in wildlife habitat restoration practices
  • Autopsies
  • Interpersonal, Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, Systemic forms of "ism" (Racism, Classism, Sexism) Trust, Conflict, Nonviolence, Negotiation, Relationships - Love, Friends, Work, Privilege, Oppression, Power, Positive/Holistic Masculinity, Toxic Masculinity, Social Sustainability, Equity, Inclusion, Leadership, Non-hierarchical leadership. Synergy, Collective Purpose, Activism
  • Expert in the field of diversity and inclusion for over a decade. He has lead peer Mentoring groups that educate youth about drug prevention, educational success, and college and career readiness.
  • He is an innovator with a myriad of different workshops informing about issues related to colorblindness, to Interest Based Negotiations, to Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution, to Positive Masculinity, and seeing People as Possibilities.
  • He also sits on the curriculum board for Anytown AZ.
  • Director of Paradise Valley Community College’s Diversity, Incorporated., a program that teaches students how to present the MOSAIC inclusiveness program
  • Active member of the Healing Racism Public Dialogue Series, winner of the 2008 National League of Cities Promoting Inclusive Award.
  • Produces and delivers his Inclusive Activism Podcast bi-weekly about how the intersections of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
Using bees to pollinate crops
  • Beekeeper with 15 years in research using honey bees.
  • Owns a commercial beekeeping where he moves his bees around Arizona and other states to pollinate crops and produce honey/wax.
  • He consults with well established commercial beekeepers and hobbyists to help them be more successful with their bees.

Anthropology, Human Evolution

  • Anthropology, archeology, human evolution

ASL/English Interpreting

NOTE: PC is one of two schools in Arizona (UofA is the other) offering ASL as a major

  • Michelle's parents are both Deaf and she has been an ASL/English interpreter for 22 years.

Deafness/ASL/Linguistics NOTE: PC is one of two schools in Arizona (UofA is the other) offering ASL as a major

  • Serena is a fourth generation Deaf person and active member in the local Arizona Deaf community.
  • Masters degree in teaching American Sign Language and is our resident expert on comparative linguistics and Deaf culture.

Academic Affairs

  • Program Director for Hermanas: Disena Tu Futuro Conferences
  • STEM: over 25 years of experience in student programs and support for STEM across the K-20 pipeline. Her emphasis is in engineering, however her work has crossed the pathway and disciplines.
  • Workforce Development: Leads workforce development programs/partnerships for the college programs of: nursing, dental, aviation, education, culinary arts, fashion design, interpreter preparation, allied health and fire science.
  • Co-author of more than 20 publications that reflect best practices in STEM program student recruitment and retention.

Academic Affairs

  • Higher Education Leadership: accreditation, course and general education assessment, Guided Pathways, Honors education, Learning Communities, Program Assessment, Strategic Enrollment Management, Faculty Development, Psychology
  • Sports Psychology:Mental Skills Training, Leadership Development, Team Cohesion, Goal-Setting, Self-Confidence, Imagery, Positive Self-Talk
  • Research Topics: Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Team Dynamics, Leadership


  • Mathematics Education: Preparing future math teachers, professional development of current teachers.
  • Statistics: Using statistics appropriately to help answer questions that impact the community we live in.
  • Connections between mathematics and other disciplines (such as the Arts, the Physical and Life Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Business, Sports, etc.), careers, and everyday life, history of mathematics.
  • PhD in Mathematics Education.