Phoenix College Financial Reports

Phoenix College Financial Reports

Current Fiscal Year Information

Budget Model (Annual Process and Target Dates) - This document is a summary of the annual process, with target dates, for the college's new budget model. The annual process begins each year on February 1st. 

FY23-24 Adopted Budget to the Board - This document is a summary of the budget for MCCCD that was approved by the Board. It contains information on MCCCD's revenue, expenditures, full-time positions, combined tax rate, and statistical data.

FY23-24 Base Budget Allocations - This report lists the college‚Äôs annual budget allocations at the start of the fiscal year. The starting budget allocation is referred to as base budget. 

Request Form for One-Time Funding -  This form is used to submit a request for one-time funding. Submission of the form does not guarantee funding, but all submissions will be reviewed. If funded, allocated amounts must be spent by the end of the fiscal year in which the funds were allocated. 

SPOL Requests for FY25 -  This document summarizes all the SPOL requests submitted, prioritized, approved, and funded for the planning year of FY25.