Seek to Inspire: Virtual Success Seminars for Students

Hear from three inspirational leaders who'll inspire you to be the student you want to be.

Seek to Inspire

Speaker Series for Students

Students, Join three sessions that will help you find strength & purpose through self-discovery!  

College is a critical time for exploration. Hear from three uplifting speakers, who'll offer inspirational tips for success.  The sessions are free—simply register for those you wish to attend.  Faculty and staff are also welcome.


College Identities Matrix,

Alonzo "A.J." Jones

Thurs, Feb. 23, 2023 | 6–7:30 pm

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People are complex; there are many components to our identities.  Discover what motivates you most, and use it to find academic and lifelong success.


Jones serves as the Associate Athletic Director for Championship Life at ASU, with oversight of life skills programming for all student-athletes.  The son of ethnically diverse parents in a military family, his personal identity, and exposure to multiple cultures, has heavily influenced his professional work and research.


A Sense of Self,

Joaquín Zihuatanejo

Tues, Mar. 7, 2023 | 6–7:30 pm

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Joaquín Zihuatanejo will challenge you to look beyond the perceptions of others, and instead, tap into personal strengths that will make you a better scholar, and human being.  He'll also share practical applications you can use to explore your own sense of self, through creative expression. Come prepared to write, share, think, and feel.


Zihuatanejo is a ​​​​ poet, spoken word artist, and award-winning teacher, who found his voice writing about a youth that existed somewhere between the streets of the barrioand the dream wanderings of a boy who found refuge in a world of stories and poems.  Today, he energizes students and adults to discover their voice and share their story.


Steering Your Path Forward,

Cassandra Aska, Ed.D.

Wed, Apr. 5, 2023  |  6–7:30 pm

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As the semester draws to a close, you're about to embark on another chapter of life.  Part of moving forward is taking stock of the past.  Dr. Aska will help you understand the decisions that brought you here, through questions like...

  • How did I live my life day-to-day?
  • Whom did I choose to surround myself with?
  • Where was my focus—or did I lack focus?

...and use those reflections to make positive decisions for the future.


Dr. Aska serves as Deputy VP of Student Services at ASU, where she also teaches courses in leadership for higher education.  
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