"Using Supercomputers to Understand the World" | STEAM - SHI Virtual Lecture

PC Students, Faculty and Staff, Attend, "Using Supercomputers to Understand the World"
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Using Supercomputers to Understand the World

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Throughout history, humankind's insatiable curiosity about the surrounding world has been a constant source of innovation.  A relatively recent development, the supercomputer, has become integral to our investigations of the unknown, through the process of:
     •  Expressing what we want to know through a mathematical model; 
        then, devising methods for solving the model
     •  Translating those methods into scientific software to run on supercomputers
     •  Analyzing the results for insight
Learn about the development of FLASH, a dynamic software that evolved from its original intent—to investigate supernovas—to demystifying a diverse range of phenomena, from the flow of blood through the Pacemaker, to the impact of earthquakes on nuclear reactor rods.
The discussion will cover the process of developing programs like FLASH, and how this software typology can stimulate wider interest in supercomputers.
Attending this lecture will improve your familiarity with:
       •  High Performance Computing


Anshu Dubey, Ph.D.

Dr. Dubey is a Computer Scientist in the Mathematics & Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory.  Before joining Argonne in 2015, she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of Chicago.
She is the primary software architect of FLASH, a widely used multiphysics, multi domain software.  Her work on FLASH accelerated her interest in all aspects of scientific discovery made through computing, particularly software development.  More recently, her work has focused on the design and sustainability of exploration software.
Dr. Dubey began her academic career by earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, in 1985.  In 1993, she earned a doctorate in Computer Science from Old Dominion University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in the Astrophysics Department at the University of Chicago.



The Sustainable Horizons Lecture Series

This lecture has been made possible by a partnership between the Phoenix College STEAM Committee and the SHI.
The Sustainable Horizons Institute is a California-based non-profit composed of diverse, and award-winning, scientists, communicators, and educators.   The institute is engaging with communities by:
     •  Working with top scientists, engineers, and researchers to create ecosystems welcoming of professionals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives
     •  Supporting, as well as mentoring, scientists and engineers from all underrepresented communities
Learn more at phoenixcollege.edu/sustainable-horizons.
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