PC Celebrates 'Graduating' Faculty

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Tenured Faculty

Graduation isn’t just for students. This year at Phoenix College (PC), 16 residential faculty earned tenure. What makes this even more special is that it’s PC’s first “graduating class” of faculty who completed the PAR/PARc process. 

In the past, the college did not truly celebrate tenure, but this year PC decided it was time to change that. "Faculty earn appointive status through five years of professional development, increasing campus involvement, and demonstrated excellence in the classroom. I am excited to be able to participate in this new tradition of celebrating our appointive faculty at Phoenix College," said Doug Berry, VP of Academic Affairs at Phoenix College.

On November 15, PC cheered the successful completion of the program – recognizing the efforts and professional development of the following faculty: Eric Berge, Jamie Martin, Jim Corkins, Rashel Sumpter, Tiffany Bailey, Jana Mihaljevic, Dawson Dopp, Nicolas Rouse, Mercedes Miramontes, Rody Randon, Michelle Monahan, Jeni Ussery, Gabriel Leyba, Anil Kapoor, Kerry Darrow and Constance Powers. 

"My time as a probationary faculty was a terrific opportunity for professional growth and guidance,” said Michelle Monahan, Program Director and Faculty in the Deaf Studies and Interpreter Preparation Programs. “I had been an adjunct faculty member and OYO but the faculty development process - including FYRE with faculty developers Liz O'Brien and Patty Finkenstadt - allowed me to meet with other new full-time faculty and learn about the various components of our college community. It emphasized important areas of our responsibility including to service, instruction and professional development. I was given the opportunity to have different mentors each year that related specifically to my professional goals. Those who were well-versed in online instruction, curriculum, program direction and even the dean of student services served as my mentors. Each of those first five years also ended with a time of reflection as we submitted our PAR reports and could identify our successes and areas to continue to grow. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to work with mentors, developers and colleagues that contributed to my growth as a faculty member so that I may continue with a long career at Phoenix College." 


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