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An Interview With A Nursing Student: Felicia Ugborugo

Q&A With Felicia Ugborugo

Major: Associate degree in Nursing.

Q: What's your story (Tell us a little about yourself)? 

A: I am from Nigeria, West Africa. My family (husband, and three children) and I have lived here in Arizona for 10 years. I am very grateful for what America has given me.  

Q: How did you get to PC?  

A: Initially I did not select PC because it was very far from where I live. I lived in Gilbert, but a friend told me that she will like to go to Phoenix College for her nursing program because their faculty members are very good in terms of helping student or guiding student to achieve their dreams and purpose then I told myself, “I want a school like that”. So I added PC to the list of my school choices, within few weeks I was selected by PC. I was excited because of the impression I got about PC.

Q: What was your time like at PC? 

A: Campus life was actually wonderful for me; I wouldn’t trade PC for another school. What really stood out for me was the teamwork. Students supported each other, sharing what has helping them in making progress, there were study groups, and faculty members are always asking if we need help. They were always ready to help and provide resources that students need. Love it. Very thankful.

Q: Any advice you would give to future PC students? 

A: I would tell others, choose PC just like somebody told me to choose PC. Going to PC was one of the best and smartest choices I have ever made, and I am glad I did. They have great resources. PC brought the real me out. I am grateful.

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