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Introducing Your New Bear Scholars

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The Phoenix College Alumni Association (PCAA) is pleased to present four newly-inducted Bear Scholars into the PCAA Bear Scholarship Program! These four deserving students were chosen for the program based on academic excellence, financial need, and leadership. All full-time student Bear Scholars receive a full tuition scholarship each semester at Phoenix College and are matched with an alumni mentor.

Angelica Larraga

Angelica Larraga, a hairstylist by trade, is currently pursuing a paralegal degree at Phoenix College to improve her family’s situation.

“Being a single Hispanic mother of two children and starting a new career in the Paralegal field comes with its own challenges. Knowing there are programs (like the Bear Scholarship Program) and people out there willing to help has pushed me to move forward in my education, not only to succeed in life but to also be a good role model to my children, showing them one is never too old, or too unqualified to learn”

Dessey Hoernig

Dessey Hoernig is a current Nursing student at Phoenix College.

“The generosity provided by those who help students, like myself, earn an education, is something that I admire greatly. I am so appreciative of this opportunity. The combination of your support and my drive  gives me a huge boost of confidence, as well as pushes me to be an even better nurse throughout the duration of my program and in life when I finish my degree I hope and pray I can return the favor to someone else down the road.”

Jose Pina Mora

Jose Pina Mora is studying Chemistry at Phoenix College with the hopes to pursue Dentistry or Medicine.

“I am determined and will never give up. I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity. When the campus reopens and I walk down the halls and buildings of Phoenix College, I know I am able to be there due to your compassionate gift. Thanks to your association, I am able to continue my knowledge and be a better me, both academically and personally. I will continue to remember your thoughtfulness as I enter the real world.”

Sydnie Glover

Sydnie Glover will graduate from the Dental Assisting program in May 2021.

“I have been working endlessly throughout high school [and now] I work two part time jobs and still manage to end up with less than a dollar in my account after paying for life necessities. I simply want to be able to achieve my educational goals and make a future for myself through dental assisting. Paying for college alone is very difficult and stressful. The Bear Scholarship will allow me to spend less time at my job and spend more time furthering my education without the stress. I am sincerely grateful for being recognized by your organization. Furthermore, I am ecstatic and insurmountably more hopeful for my future.”

To learn more about the Phoenix College Alumni Association and how you can support the Bear Scholarship Program (through mentorship and/or financial gifts), please contact

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