Local Gift Buying Guide Features "Our Past. Your Future." Coffee Table Book

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
College Shop

Phoenix College's 100-year anniversary coffee table book, "Our Past. Your Future. History of PC" is featured in the "College Times" online and print December issue. 

We're happy to see that our Centennial Book is being featured in a local gift-buying guide this holiday season! On page 5 you'll see a full-page write-up of our book, next to other great, local things to buy this year.

Take a look at the Issuu here: College Times - December 2020 by Times Media Group - Issuu  

Or go directly to the PC site to purchase a copy of our book for $29. And, did you know that every single dollar of this purchase goes to the My Future Scholarship which funds future students at PC?

Every dollar you spend on this book helps a student in need, gives a student an education where they don't have to worry about money and scramble to work AND go to school to make it through. Your $29 goes a lot further than you think. 

And because of that, we are #pcproud. #100yearsofpc