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Want To Be A Teacher? Education Student, Sydney Horton Shares Her Insight

Want to know what our education program is like? 

Read Sydney Horton's take on being a student of the program.


Q: What year are you and what is your certificate/degree?

A: I am now a junior in college and I received an associates in art. I was one class short of the elementary education program as I couldn’t fit children’s literature into my schedule. 

Q: Why did you choose this program at PC?

A: I chose this program at PC because I have a passion for teaching and was recommended by a friend through Tiffany Nieto about how the program works and how great it is.

Q: What would you tell a student about the this program if they said they were considering choosing it as a major? 

A: I would tell a students that it is not the easiest major in the world but it is very rewarding. I would also tell them to make sure they are ready to work hard!

Q: Tell me about one of your favorite experiences in a teacher education course.

A: My favorite classes I took were Marcia Corby’s MAT 256 and 257 classes and Karen Hutter’s cultural diversity class. Both teachers have such a passion for their subject matter and I really appreciated it. Marcia gave me a newfound love for math and I can’t imagine how different my perspective would have  been without all of her help and support. 

Q: Why do you like this program and would you recommend it?

A: I loved this program and would recommend it. I loved the classes and teachers and I also loved all the help and support from the staff I recieved. I could not have done it without the teachers mentioned above or Tiffany Nieto. Tiffany was always there for me for any questions or concerns I had and I know she would do that for any student who needed it. 

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: I hope to obtain a bachelors in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood from NAU. I then hope to have my own classroom, and eventually a masters degree.

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