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You Have A Very Good Chance Of Winning A 30,000 Dollar Scholarship


Would you like the chance to get a full-ride scholarship to any of the three public, state universities in Arizona? 

Apply now for the All-USA scholarship worth 1,500 dollars. If you are nominated for the All-USA scholarship, you will receive the All-AZ scholarship which is a full-tuition scholarship at any of the three public, state universities in Arizona. 

Phoenix College is accepting applications until November 14 at 5:00 p.m. Once the submission deadline has passed, a team of faculty and staff will review the application materials to choose nominees. 

PC will nominate two individuals for the All-USA scholarship. These two individuals will automatically win the All-AZ scholarship (full-tuition). The nominations are due by December 5. This is why the PC deadline for submitting applications is on November 14 - so that the panel of reviewers can determine our college’s nominees by the December 5 deadline.

While the scholarship application is lengthy, is it worth the time and effort. The All-AZ full-ride scholarship is valued at over 30,000 dollars. And again, students that are nominated for the All-USA scholarship (1,500 dollars) are automatically All-AZ winners. 

Each year, PC has about 15 people that apply so this means the odds of you being chosen are pretty high! Take a couple of hours and win some money to put towards your education. A couple hours for 30K is worth it, don’t you think? 

Apply here:

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