PC's Rowdy Duncan Knows How To Break The Masculinity Mold

Thursday, April 8, 2021
Positive Masculinity

Register for the upcoming “Positive Masculinity Event” here featuring PC’s own Communication Faculty member, Rowdy Duncan, and Tyler Walls, of Indigenous Vision. This event is open to students as well as the public, and is a virtual, 90-minute workshop covering scripts that have taught young males how to be a “real” man in America. 

“Growing up, I got all types of unhelpful messages about how I should be a man including: eat meat, be muscular, be able to fight, don’t start fights but be prepared to finish them, listen to “hard” music, be in control, don’t be emotional etc.,” said Duncan. 

“The issue for me was while I could look like a ‘real man’ - it didn’t help me with the process of being a good human who benefits the world.”

In addition to exploring Indigenous masculinity, Duncan and Walls will be asking you to examine the messages that were taught to you about masculinity. Together they’ll be guiding you through things such as redefining strength, exploring unique individuality, challenging the idea of masculinity, etc. 

“Let’s let go of trying to be a ‘real man,’” says Duncan, “let’s be better beings in relationship with other beings on this planet.”
Please join the discussion and be part of the revitalization of what it means to be a man in an Indigenous culture.