Pat Walsh - Larger Than Life

Monday, November 21, 2022
Floyd Mayweather's security team walking down the street in a city

Pat Walsh (second from left) with Floyd Mayweather (center) and other members of Mayweather’s security team in 2016. Photo by Graeme Young, Deputy Live Sports Editor.

Pat Walsh was larger-than-life in person (standing 6’ 5” and weighing 400 pounds) and in personality – as described by his family and sports writers around the world. The Phoenix College (PC) alumnus provided personal security for former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. As part of Mayweather’s security detail, Pat and other members of The Money Team (as Mayweather called his security team) traveled with the professional athlete to boxing matches, the gym, on vacation; everywhere Mayweather went.

Pat’s parents, Tim and Emily, share that Pat was the embodiment of kindness.

“He was the person who was your friend before you knew you had one, or before you knew you needed one. If you walked into a room with Pat, you were the most important person in that room, and that was the feeling he gave to everyone around him.” – Tim Walsh

Pat dedicated his life to making sure that others were safe, and his stature certainly conveyed a feeling of safety to those he loved and protected. Pat traveled around the world working with and among professional athletes and movie stars. He was born to be a protector and he certainly mastered his art. 

What most people didn't know was that Pat was dealing with a heart condition which would have crippled most people. His condition made it hard to live everyday life. As Pat’s health declined, his concern was always with everyone else even in the scariest and most stressful times in his life.

Sadly, Pat passed away recently as a result of his heart condition. Tim and Emily’s emotions run strong when they reflect on their son, the man with the huge heart – who protected others his whole life, but wasn’t able to protect himself. 

The family was not sure what to do with Pat’s “larger-than-life” clothing. Over the years of traveling around the world with Mayweather, Pat had acquired quite a robust and fashionable wardrobe. After driving by the Phoenix College campus, Tim and Emily called to inquire if Pat’s clothing might support students. The family was pleased to learn that PC recently opened the Bear’s Closet.

The Bear’s Closet provides gently used clothing and accessories free to students and alumni seeking clothing for job interviews, internships, and other professional situations. The Bear’s Closet will soon relocate to the Career Services and Counseling office suite, providing more space for clothing and adding a dressing room. Expansion of the Bear’s Closet is just in time as Pat’s larger-than-life wardrobe is added.

If you are cleaning out your closets as the weather cools and would like to donate gently used professional clothing and accessories to the Bear’s Closet, Call 602-285-7667 or visit to learn more.