Alumni Shorts: PC Alumna Releases New Book

Friday, February 2, 2024
Dr. Marcia Reynolds headshot with a copy of her new book

PC Alumna Releases New Book Breakthrough Coaching 

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, has a passion for discovering and sharing how the brain works, especially the brains of high-achieving women. She speaks globally on the needs and challenges of today's smart, strong women and provides customized programs on creating workplaces that inspire high-performers. Her books have been quoted in many publications including Harvard Communications Newsletter, U.S. Business Review, and The New York Times and has appeared on ABC World News and National Public Radio.

Dr. Reynolds recently released a new book, title Breakthrough Coaching; Creating Lightbulb Moments in Your Coaching Conversations, described asA new, highly actionable guide for disrupting the narratives holding clients back from resolving problems and making the changes they want in themselves, Breakthrough Coaching provides methods, resources, and exercises to help you activate immedi­ate and sustainable shifts in perspective and behavior, moving you forward on your path of coaching mastery.”

“After derailing my education for a few years after high school, Phoenix College quickly got me back on track. Two years after graduating from PC, I graduated summa cum laude from ASU. I am so grateful for my PC teachers getting me back into the joy of studying and learning,” Dr. Reynolds said.

Her new book is available online and at local booksellers. 

Watch a video of Dr. Reynolds reading an expert from her book, Breakthrough Coaching.