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Student Tuition Payment Plan

Student Tuition Payment Plan, offered by Nelnet Campus Cast

To help you meet your educational expenses, the Maricopa County Community College District is pleased to offer a Student Tuition Payment Plan (STPP) as a convenient online payment option. Students who choose to use the STPP may select installment plans that are spread over several months, depending on the length of the semester.  Payments can be made from a banking account or by debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).  

Sign up for a monthly payment plan to secure your class(es) on the day you register. Spring 2019 plans require a $15.00 down payment and a $20.00 (non-refundable) payment plan fee per semester, for a total of $35.00 to secure your class(es).    

To sign up, visit your student center at (log in using your MEID.)  

Payment options:

  1. Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) - ACH payments are those payments you have authorized Nelnet Campus Cast to process directly with your financial institution. It is simply a bank-to-bank transfer of funds that you have pre-approved for your expenses at MCCCD. Payments may be made from either your checking or savings account. Payments are processed on the 5th of each month and will continue until the balance is paid in full.
  2. Debit or Credit Card – If you elect to use this option, your monthly payment will be charged to the debit or credit card you have designated. Payments will be charged on the 5th of each month until the balance is paid in full. Credit card payments are processed by American Card Services, Inc.


  1. Payments may be made monthly (up to 6 payments per semester, depending on the length of the semester and when you enroll for the STPP)
  2. Payments are automatically made from your banking account or debit/credit card, so you do not have visit a MCCCD campus
  3. Easy online enrollment
  4. No interest


Before signing up, collect the following information:

  • Your student ID, as assigned by MCCCD
  • The name, address, and e-mail address of the person responsible for making the payments
  • To protect your privacy, you will need to create your own unique Access Code (please be sure it is something you can easily remember)
  • Account information for the person responsible for payment
  • If paying by automatic bank payments: you will need the bank name, telephone number, account number, and bank routing number (this information is normally located on your check)
  • If paying by credit card: you will need the credit card number and expiration date 

To enroll in the payment plan, visit your student center at

Note: Before you click the Submit button, please read carefully through Final Review, and the Terms and Conditions.  An e-mail will be sent to you confirming enrollment if you provide your email address.


Still Have Questions?

Customer service representatives, from Nelnet Campus Cast, are available by phone at (800) 609-8056 (Monday through Thursday: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Central Time; and Friday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Central Time).