Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

System Status: Critical systems have been restored. If you have not reset your password, please do so now.

  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – SPRING 2021: Classes are being conducted online, in-person and hybrid. Select (in-person) student services are available by appointment in the Hannelly Center and the Library.  All services are available remote/online. Please view the following links for more information.   Maricopa Coronavirus Website  |  CARES Funding FAQs  |  Need Help?  | Remote Services & Support  | Library Hours


Online Kiosk

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If you need to:

  • Speak with an Academic Advisor
  • Complete admission requirements
  • Talk about your financial aid or scholarships
  • Discuss your veteran benefits

Important Information

  • Before remote joining, check the status of the queue (you can't join a closed queue) and expected wait time of the queue. Wait times provided are estimates.
  • Be aware that when the PC representative calls you back "No Caller ID", "Unknown", or "Scam" may appear as the incoming call.
  • Have your Student Identification Number (8 digit number i.e. 3xxxxxxx) available.
  • Sign up to be called at least 30 minutes before closing regardless of wait time.

QLESS Text Commands

  • L - Leave the queue, use this command when you need to exit a particular queue.
  • S - Status update, use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.
  • M - More time, use this command to request additional time if you can't be in the area.
  • H - Help, use this command to get additional assistance with QLess.
  • W - Switch, use this command to switch from text to voice call updates.
  • N# - Notify me in XX minutes, use this command to let QLess know when to send an alert.