Fine and Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts

As a creative person, you have something to say. At Phoenix College, you’ll have the chance to say it through art - on canvas, in words, and on stage. We offer excellent programs in Art, Music, Theatre/Film, and Dance. Each program will help you build your talents, learn your craft, and pursue either a professional career or personal growth in the arts. Above all, you’ll have the chance to follow your dreams, wherever they lead.

University Transfer

In addition, any program available for university transfer allows you to complete your first two years at Phoenix College. Then, you have the option to transfer to a major university and complete your four year degree. 

The Associate in Arts, Fine Arts degree (AAFA) is available as a program of study for student with an interest in Studio Arts. It is designed for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The program is designed to meet selective admission criteria for programs such as Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Just as the people are the HEART of a school, the courses, programs, schedules, degrees and certificates are the content. The Fine and Performing Arts curriculum is varied and divergent, the opportunities for learning are as individual as our students.

Consider the following areas of study, which provide the chance to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree, an Associate of Arts—Fine Arts degree, or a Certificate of Completion in two years or less.