Theatre Program

Theatre Studies

The Theatre Program offers an exhilarating exploration into the rich tapestry of dramatic arts, encompassing a comprehensive study of theatre history, theory, performance, and production. Rooted in the fusion of artistic expression and intellectual inquiry, this program provides a platform for individuals passionate about understanding the transformative power of live performance. With a curriculum that spans from script analysis and acting techniques to stage design and directing, students embark on a multifaceted journey through the world of theatre. Guided by seasoned theatre practitioners and scholars, participants not only refine their performance skills but also cultivate a deep appreciation for the historical, cultural, and social context of theatre. From embodying iconic characters on stage to orchestrating seamless productions behind the scenes, the program empowers students to merge their creativity with the nuanced understanding required to engage audiences and contribute to the theatrical discourse.

Immersed in an environment that fosters both artistic exploration and critical thinking, the Theatre Studies Program encourages students to dissect the layers of dramatic storytelling and theatrical conventions. Beyond the stage, students delve into theatre history, dramaturgy, and cultural studies, enriching their understanding of how theatre has evolved over time and its impact on society. The program also embraces experiential learning through acting workshops, stage productions, and collaborations with other artistic disciplines, providing students with the opportunity to apply their skills in real-world theatrical scenarios. Whether aspiring to be actors, directors, playwrights, or theatre educators, graduates of the program emerge as versatile theatre practitioners, equipped to bring characters to life, curate impactful performances, and contribute to the dynamic world of live theatre. With a deep appreciation for the transformative potential of the stage, the Theatre Studies Program equips students to inspire, provoke thought, and engage audiences through the captivating medium of theatre.


  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Acting I-II
  • Makeup
  • Directing Techniques
  • Voice and Diction
  • Modern Drama
  • Theatre Production
  • Technical Theatre Studies

Technical Theatre Studies

The Technical Theatre Program offers an immersive exploration into the behind-the-scenes magic that brings theatrical productions to life. Rooted in the fusion of artistic creativity and technical expertise, this program is a haven for individuals passionate about shaping the visual and technical elements that enhance live performances. With a curriculum that spans from set design and lighting techniques to stage management and production logistics, students embark on a multifaceted journey through the intricacies of technical theatre. Guided by experienced theatre professionals and industry experts, participants not only refine their technical skills but also develop a profound understanding of production workflows, equipment operation, and the collaborative nature of backstage roles. From designing immersive stage environments to coordinating seamless scene changes, the program empowers students to merge their creative talents with the precision required to elevate theatrical experiences.

In an environment that values both hands-on experience and problem-solving, the Technical Theatre Program encourages students to dive into the technical challenges of production design and execution. Beyond the workshop, students delve into stagecraft, rigging, and theater technology, acquiring the knowledge to operate the intricate machinery and technology that transform creative visions into reality. The program also embraces experiential learning through hands-on projects, live productions, and partnerships with theatre companies, providing students with a well-rounded perspective on the practical application of technical theatre skills. Whether aspiring to be lighting designers, stage managers, or production designers, graduates of the program emerge as skilled technical theatre professionals, poised to shape the visual and logistical aspects of performances in theatres, opera houses, concert venues, and other live entertainment settings. With a deep appreciation for the artistry that operates backstage, the Technical Theatre Program equips students to create the seamless magic that complements the onstage performances and contributes to the overall theatrical experience.


  • Introduction to Technical Theatre
  • Introduction to Costume Construction for Theatre
  • Theatrical Design: Rendering
  • Technical Theatre Production
  • Previsualization Modeling
  • Wig and Hair Production for Theatre and Film