Types of Classes

Types of Classes

Types of Classes

The Phoenix College experience is designed for your achievement and success.  Students are individuals, whose needs vary as they build the knowledge and skills for the next steps on their journeys.  That's why we offer classes in multiple formats, with varying requirements.  


In Internet courses, all activities are done online; there are no classroom meetings. Online courses are designed for motivated, self-disciplined, technology-literate students. Communication will be through email, and reliable Web access is needed. Exams may be delivered online, or may require on-site attendance. Due to the changing nature of technology training, always check with an academic advisor for the most current requirements for your program of study. This format does not reduce the amount of student work or effort required to succeed in the course. Online classes are delivered through Learning Management Systems such as CANVAS. *Please note that all Online classes start on a Monday.

Hybrid courses offer a combination of in-person classroom instruction with an online component which enables you to limit the amount of on-campus class activity, saving you commute time and money, giving you an opportunity to balance your work/life responsibilities, and even helping out the environment by minimizing the miles you drive. This format does not reduce the amount of student work or effort required to succeed in the course. For example, in a 3-credit course, students spend 1 hour 15 minutes each week focusing on in-person, experiential learning and clarification of concepts. Students spend the remaining time working online to complete class assignments, participate in online discussions, and reviewing online materials.

All meetings for in-person classes are completed in a face-to-face format at the designated class location(s).

Independent Study classes do not require classroom meetings. Students will self-reliantly learn using materials and communications with an instructor.

Fast-Track classes provide students with opportunities to enroll in classes that start at different times throughout the semester and allow students to complete courses in a shorter period of time. These fast-paced, short-term classes do not reduce the amount of student work or effort required to succeed in the course.

The Honors Program is designed to enhance the intellectual experience of students through enrollment in Honors courses, independent study options, and increased contact with Honors students at Phoenix College and within the Maricopa District. Students who have met the Honors Program requirements are eligible to enroll in honors classes and require written approval from the Honors Program Office.

There are two different types of classes that you can take as an Honors student. The first type of class is the Honors Program Section. These classes are offered concurrently within a regular section but include additional honors project requirements. Your instructor will provide you the opportunity to design an honors project that will enable you to critically think through the course subject matter. The second type is the Honors Only Cohort class which is comprised only of Honors students. Participating in an Honors Only Cohort class provides a sense of community, encourages independent learning, and helps develop leadership skills. For more information, please contact the Honors Program Office at 602.285.7305.

Learning communities integrate two or more courses in ways that meaningfully connect the knowledge of each course. Methodologies used in learning communities may include experiential learning, collaboration, active participation, critical thinking, thematic or problem-solving projects, and reflection. Enrollment is required in both courses in a Learning Community.

All under-100 level courses at PC are targeted to enhance student skills in English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Mathematics and Reading. Strong emphasis is placed on instruction with individual support, small classes, caring faculty and creative learning experiences. Instruction is enriched through technology, interaction with other learners, and tutoring services provided by Learning Support Services. Students are advised into these courses through placement testing. Required courses must be successfully completed before moving on to the next level. These courses form an educational foundation for successful engagement in the college’s transfer, degree and training/career programs.

Web-based online learning environments are used in many courses at PC to provide interactive learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Technology-enhanced courses may use a Learning Management System, such as CANVAS, and/or web-based learning environments such as MyMathLab, MyCompLab, MyWritingLab, MyITLab, and Connect.

Sequenced Linked classes provide student with an opportunity to enroll in multiple classes in a sequence within one semester. Sequence linked classes are classes that are part of a class sequence (i.e. ENG091, ENG101, and ENG102). Students who register for these classes are required to register for all classes in the designated sequence.

Winter Intersession classes are four-week online classes that are offered in between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester. Winter Intersession allows students to complete courses in a shorter period of time. These fast-paced, short-term classes do not reduce the amount of student work or effort required to succeed in the course.