Canvas Steps for Success

Steps for Success

Enrolling in online, hybrid, or in-person classes that use Canvas?  Explore these resources for success.

Gauge Your Readiness for Online Learning

First, take the Online Readiness Self-Assessment for feedback about your strengths and weaknesses related to online learning.  It'll help you:

  • Identify opportunities for maximizing your success in a hybrid or online class
  • Draw upon existing strengths to enhance your performance in a hybrid or online class


Important Skills for Online Learning

Virtual learners should:

Canvas Success

Know Basic Computing Skills

An understanding of computing basics is essential to your success in hybrid and online courses.  At minimum, you should know how to:

  • Send messages, and manage received emails, using your Maricopa Gmail account
  • Create a word processing document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Upload files from your computer to Canvas
  • Copy and paste between computer applications
  • Navigate the internet in standard browsers such as: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Manage multiple tabs and/or browsers simultaneously

Two Essential Ways to Communicate

MARICOPA EMAIL   All students are provided with a GMail, or Google Mail, account.  MCCCD policy dictates that students use their account for college communication.  Learn to access, use, and forward messages using your account.

When sending an email to your instructor or classmates, include the following:

  • Identify yourself by name:  Without it, others may fail to recognize you. Student email addresses include your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID), but not your name.
  • Be specific:  Include details, such as class information (e.g., ENG101, class 12345) whenever possible.

CANVAS CONVERSATIONS  Canvas’ internal messages/mailing system, known as Conversations, will be your primary means to communicate with your instructor and classmates. However, you don’t have to log into Canvas to receive messages. Learn to set up your Canvas Notification Preferences to automatically send Canvas mail to your email account, or mobile phone. 

When you communicate via the Canvas Inbox, your instructor will already know which class you’re in, but you should still include specific questions and details.

Canvas Skills are Fundamental

The Canvas & Computer Skills page provides details for navigating the software, receiving notifications outside Canvas, submitting assignments, posting to discussions, taking quizzes, and checking grades.

Explore Canvas & Computer Skills Page

Important Factors for Canvas Success

Observe Virtual Classroom Etiquette

Read up on the dos and don'ts of online behavior.  

Inappropriate behavior, such as the following, will lead to disciplinary action:

  • Swearing
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Making Derogatory Comments 

We're Here to Help

Phoenix College offers many academic and student support services to help you meet your educational goals. 

Visit the Student Resources page for a comprehensive overview of these services, which includes:

  • The Learning Commons, tutoring and writing assistance
  • Library Resources
  • Advisement
  • Registration
  • Counseling
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Life & Leadership

Connect with DRS for Accessibility Resources

Courses are conducted in Canvas, an accessible learning management system.  To view Canvas' accessibility statement, visit the Canvas Accessibility Statement.

If you require accommodation, please work with Disability Resources and Services, also known as DRS.  The mission of DRS is to create a vital learning environment that provides the resources, services and auxiliary aids necessary to allow each qualified student with a disability to pursue academic, occupational, developmental and personal enrichment goals in the fairest and independent manner possible. The DRC coordinates services which will ensure students with disabilities equal access to college programs and facilities. 

Visit the DRS website for more information about accommodation policies.

The Student Handbook is Your Guide

In addition to policies outlined your course syllabi, all students are expected to comply with the college policies found in the Student Handbook

Among the topics outlined in the Handbook are:

  • student conduct
  • academic integrity
  • student grievances