High School Students

Now is a great time to start thinking about college. Phoenix College offers programs to help you jump from high school to college-level coursework without missing a beat. You might even be able to get an early start on your college credits while you’re still in high school.

Plus, you’ll save on tuition because of our in-county resident tuition rates. And you can transfer the credits you’ve earned when you’re ready to complete your four-year degree.

Achieving a College Education - ACE

Achieving a College Education (ACE): If you don’t think a college degree is an achievable goal for you, this nationally recognized scholarship program might change your mind. ACE is a scholarship program with proven success in motivating underrepresented students to complete high school and continue on to complete a college degree. ACE can help you earn up to 24 transferable college credits before high school graduation.

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Dual Enrollment

Getting an early start on your college education can definitely pay off later on, and we’re here to help you get that early start. In fact, studies show that students experience greater academic success in college when they complete dual enrollment courses in high school. When you take dual enrollment classes, you’ll be earning high school and college credits at the same time.

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Hoop of Learning

The Hoop of Learning Program was implemented in the summer of 1995 in response to concerns voiced by Native parents in an urban high school district in Phoenix, Arizona. These voices influenced the high school and a local community college which to form a partnership committee to provide an educational program for Native students, now referred to as the Hoop of Learning. The Hoop of Learning is a high school to college bridge program. It is designed to foster cultural resilience and career development among Native Students.

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Congratulations on getting to the finish line of high school! It's an exciting time to discover who you are and embark on the next chapter of your life. Phoenix College is here to support you as you work to achieve your dreams. 

With a diverse range of programs, experienced faculty, and vibrant campus community, you'll find the perfect environment to nurture your passions and expand your horizons.

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