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Alumni & Development Council

The Alumni & Development Council is comprised of a select group of Phoenix College alumni and friends, who are business and community leaders, and who provide feedback and advice on alumni, donor and student engagement. 

The Council is aligned with PC’s Fields of Interest with members of the council representing a specific field of interest. Members are invited by the Phoenix College president in alignment with volunteers’ skills and abilities. Councilmembers provide support to the Office of Alumni & Development as well as serve as points of contact for faculty and students within each field of interest. 

The Council meets twice a year and membership is renewed annually. Alumni who wish to be considered for the Alumni & Development Council can contact the Development Director at showcasing their experience in the academic or occupational program within the Fields of Interest.


rebecca berch

Hon. Rebecca Berch '74
Admin of Justice

adrianna coronel

Adrianna Coronel '06
Dental Program

Nicole Day '19
Culture & Society (Writing)

fred ganda

Frenard Ganda '18
Culture & Society

don jensen bobadilla

Don Jensen Bobadilla '85

anil kapoor

Anil Kapoor

melinda kennedy

Melinda Kennedy '13
Health Sciences (Dental)

tammi krause

Tammi Krause '09
Business, Entrepreneurialism & Management

james kuykendall

James Kuykendall '70
Business, Entrepreneurialism & Management

james mallard

James Mallard '15
Visual & Performing Arts (Music)

amy macpherson

Amy MacPherson '95
Culture & Society

marty manning

Marty Manning '70
Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre)


Melissa "Mia" Torres Mendez '13
Visual & Performing Arts (Fashion)


Reed Mettler '05
Business, Entrepreneurialism & Management


Jason Mohlenbrock '03
Visual & Performing Arts (Music)


Amanda Nolan '21

royal norman

Royal Norman '81


David Palladini '12
Behavioral Science & Human Services

stella pope duarte

Stella Pope Duarte '69
Culture & Society

Jennifer Sabori - AlumCouncil

Jennifer Sabori '19
Culture & Society (Interpreter Preparation)

royal norman

Dana Salazar '18
Health Sciences (Dental)



Arturo Sosa '18
Business, Entrepreneurialism & Management

Gilberto Sosa - AlumCouncil

Gilberto Sosa '15
Computer & Information Technology

Jennifer Sabori - AlumCouncil

Homero Sosa '17
Computer & Information Technology

Kevvin Taylor - AlumCouncil

Kevvin Taylor '92'
Visual & Performing Arts (Theatre)





Half Century Club

 A distinguished group of alumni who attended or graduated from Phoenix College 50 years ago or more. The Half Century Club's mission is to preserve the rich heritage of Phoenix College, engage fellow alumni in planning class reunions, and support current students through scholarships and mentoring opportunities. 

Members are renewed annually (and may serve multiple years). Half Century Club members meet at least two times per year (fall and spring). Meetings are organized and facilitated by the Alumni & Development Office and are typically conducted as morning meetings during the weekday. If you are interested in learning about how you can join this social group, please contact

PC Alumni Half Century