Tribute & Memorial Gifts

Tribute & Memorial Gifts

Tribute Gifts at Phoenix CollegeCelebrate someone special, commemorate a loved one, and create a lasting legacy at Phoenix College. Opportunities include engraved seats in Bulpitt Auditorium, engraved benches, and named scholarship and program funds. Your gift will have the lasting impact of helping Phoenix College students achieve their dreams of a college education. Gifts are tax deductible as allows by law, and proceeds support student scholarships and program funds.

Bulpitt Auditorium Seat

Pay tribute to someone special with an engraved plaque in PC’s iconic Bulpitt Auditorium. Your name or personalized message is inscribed on the back of a seat. A Bulpitt Auditorium Seat is secured with a gift of $1,000. . Learn More

Memorial / Tribute Bench

Commemorate a loved one with a memorial bench at the Phoenix College campus. Tribute benches are a wonderful way to honor someone you love. Benches are perfectly designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape of the Phoenix College campus.  A memorial or tribute bench with an engraved plaque is secured with a gift of $6,000. Learn More

Named Scholarship or Program Fund

Create a scholarship in the name of a loved one or create your family's legacy at Phoenix College. Named funds can be established with a gift of $10,000 or more.  Gifts may be paid over a number of years, and you can help set the criteria by which the scholarship is awarded. Learn More