Coronal Polishing and Radiography Requirements

Coronal Polishing and Radiography Requirements

Coronal Polishing 

To perform coronal polishing procedures in the state of Arizona under the general supervision of a licensed dentist, a dental assistant must hold an Arizona Coronal Polishing Certificate. To qualify, one must:

1.  Pass Dental Assisting National Board's Coronal Polishing exam found in the Arizona Coronal Polishing Certificate (AZCP) application packet (administered by DANB), AND

2.  Submit an Arizona Coronal Polishing Clinical Skills Affidavit [Form B] completed by a licensed dentist or coronal polishing educator/course instructor to DANB, AND

3.  Receive the Arizona Coronal Polishing Certificate, sent upon successful completion of the DANB Coronal Polishing exam and submission of the Arizona Coronal Polishing Clinical Skills Affidavit to DANB.

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Phoenix College Coronal Polishing Course offering is online and self paced and is offered all year round. The didactic requirement is suggested to be completed in your office by your Dentist/Employer. See course offerings for the next available class.  


Radiography Requirements 

A dental assistant must hold a current Arizona Board-approved certificate in radiology. To obtain a certificate, one must:

1a.  Pass the national Dental Assisting National Board Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam,


2a.  Be currently certified in another U.S. jurisdiction that requires successful completion of a written dental radiography exam, AND

2b.  Apply to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners (ASBDE) for Dental Assistant Radiography Certification by Credential and receive the Arizona Radiologic Proficiency Certificate, issued by the ASBDE.

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Phoenix College Radiography Review course to assist in preparing you for the DANB RHS exam is offered all year round. See the website for the next course offering.