Courses available

Courses available

Online Self Study Classes: 4 CEU 

Early Childhood Oral Health Promotion:

This course will provide dental and dental hygiene professionals, as well as other healthcare professionals, with information to enable them to provide practical and effective advice to parents and other healthcare providers about preventing oral diseases in infants and young children

Infection Control & Infectious Diseases: 

This course will provide an overview on infection control, emerging infectious diseases, the infectious disease process, pathogens transmissible by the oral cavity, and oral manifestations of infectious diseases.

Chemical Dependency: Tobacco Cessation: 

Designed to create awareness in how to assess patients for tobacco use, describe the components of tobacco dependency, prevention strategies and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Intended for health care professionals

Oral Health Medical Emergencies: 

Created to provide knowledge in the development of dental office protocol for the identification and management of medical emergencies. Including but not limited to procedures, equipment, and drugs usage. Intended for dental providers.

Oral Public Health: 

Intention is to define oral public health and discuss public health program development, evaluation and funding. The course will provide basic knowledge in barriers and disparities to oral care, alternative workforce providers, and teledentistry

Local Anesthesia Review I :

Review of anatomy, techniques and medical history considerations in the administration of dental anesthesia. Open to Dental Hygienists and Dentists

Local Anesthesia Review II :

Review of the pharmacology of local anesthetics and administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia in dentistry. Open to Dental Hygienists and Dentists.
Ethics and Dentistry

Hybrid Classes: Continuing Education Units varies by class 

Oral Radiography Review for Dental Assistants* Designed to provide dental radiography fundamentals on radiation safety, exposure, evaluation, quality assurance and infection control. Intended for dental assistants preparing for x-ray certification through DANB.  Prerequisites: None- however some dental experience a plus.

Local Anesthesia Lecture and Lab for Dental Hygienists* A comprehensive lecture and laboratory course providing concepts and techniques for the administration of local anesthetic agents and nitrous oxide. Experience gained in medical history review, electronic recordkeeping, patient management, and hands-on experience administering local anesthetics and nitrous oxide in a clinical setting. Prerequisites: A licensed Dental Hygienist

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary* Designed to develop knowledge and skills in preparation for the Arizona Expanded Functions-Restorative Exam. Participants will perform expanded function restorative procedures including but not limited to amalgam, occlusion considerations, and caries prevention in a pre-clinical environment as defined by ARS 32-1291.01. Open to certified and or licensed practicing dental assistants and dental hygienists. Prerequisites: Current certification or licensure. Completion earns ninety (90) CEUs.

Dental Laser Education* Designed to provide a comprehensive soft-tissue laser experience with emphasis on periodontal therapies. Meets the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners emerging technology requirements as specified in ARS 32-1281 (C) (2) and 32-1201 (17) (18). Open to current dental professionals. Prerequisites: Permission of Program Director. Eight hours of CEUs earned.

In-Person Class offering 

Interim Therapeutic Restorations*  Designed to provide knowledge and skills in placement of interim therapeutic restoration (ITR). Removal of soft materials using hand instruments only and placement of adhesive restorative material. Intended audience are Dentist and Dental Hygienist. Prerequisites: Practicing Dentist or Dental Hygienist. Completion earns four (4) CEUs.

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Courses noted with class permission requirement will be granted authorization to complete registration with the submission of a copy of the current Dental Hygiene License or Dental License and current CPR card to the Center for Continuing Dental Education.
*requires class permission

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In person courses will be located at Phoenix College Dental Clinic
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