FSC102: Firefighter Operations Academy Interest Form

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Prerequisite Status

Status of EMT104
Status of FSC105
Status of FSC130/CPAT
CPAT: In order to be accepted into the Firefighter Operations Academy, completion of a successful official CPAT or successful completion of an FSC130 Fitness for Firefighters/CPAT class, within 12 months from the start of the academy, is a MANDATORY PREREQUISITE. Submission of formal documentation from the agency/organization/college or identification of who the official CPAT was performed through is required by the candidates' interview date. Successful completion of a firefighter candidate testing process (being placed on an eligibility list) with a fire department or organization, which utilizes the IAFF CPAT standard, is acceptable providing it is within the 12 month timeline. FSC134:"Fitness and Conditioning for Firefighters" is a CO-REQUISITE. Even if you have previously completed this class, you will need to take FSC134 in conjunction with FSC102. (This is an advanced level FSC134 and requires enrollment in the specific section, which is only open to FSC102 students. More information regarding the specific section number will be provided during the interview and at orientation.) Students will need to provide proof of all of the certifications by the first day of class.