Choral/Vocal Studies

Choral/Vocal Studies

The Choral/Vocal Music Area of Study stands as a beacon for those who seek to explore the boundless beauty of the human voice and the magic of collective harmony. Rooted in a rich tradition of vocal excellence, this program offers a transformative journey for aspiring singers. Through rigorous vocal training, students learn to harness the full potential of their instrument – their voices – developing a range that spans from delicate nuances to powerful crescendos. The curriculum delves into vocal technique, interpretation, and expression across various genres and historical periods. Guided by a faculty of seasoned vocalists and conductors, students receive personalized instruction that refines their vocal timbre, range, and control. From intimate chamber ensembles to awe-inspiring choirs, students engage in ensemble experiences that foster unity and musical synergy. By delving into vocal anatomy, music theory, and languages, participants gain a profound understanding of the intricate art of vocal music, emerging not only as skilled performers but also as empathetic conveyors of emotion and storytelling.

At the heart of the Choral/Vocal Music Area of Study lies the transformative power of collective voices coming together in harmonious unity. Students are immersed in a collaborative environment that nurtures teamwork, communication, and artistic expression. With a repertoire that spans classical choral masterpieces, contemporary compositions, and world music traditions, participants develop a versatile vocal skill set that transcends genres and eras. The program's emphasis on performance extends beyond the concert stage, with opportunities to engage in community outreach, collaborations with other artistic disciplines, and cross-cultural exchanges. Graduates of the program carry with them not only refined vocal abilities but also a deep appreciation for the cultural and emotional impact of vocal music. Whether aspiring to become soloists, choral conductors, or music educators, the Choral/Vocal Music Area of Study equips students with the tools to create stirring musical moments that resonate with audiences and uplift the human spirit.


  • Private Instruction
  • Class Voice I-IV
  • Survey of Diction for Singers (English, Italian/Latin, German, and French)
  • Concert Choir
  • Treble Choir
  • Community Choir

Concert Choir

This ensemble (formally known as the Voices of Phoenix College) has been entertaining the Phoenix community under various conductors for over 70 years. Highlights of their history include participation in concerts in Hawaii, New York City, San Francisco, Reno, and San Diego. Previous directors have been such luminaries as Dr. Harvey Smith, Kay Poore, and Dr. J. Edmund Hughes.

A chorus of mixed voices (SATB) singing a mix of musical styles and periods, accompanied and unaccompanied, we welcome all interested singers with or without previous experience. Rehearsals are held Monday through Thursday during regular school hours. Participants are eligible for scholarship money at the end of each semester as a thank you for representing the college through music.

Originally in the Valley of the Sun arts community. They are a dedicated ensemble of singers whose mission includes providing individuals of various backgrounds and musical abilities the opportunity to share their voice and experience a variety of repertoire written primarily for treble (high register) voices. It is also the choir's mission to serve the community by performing high caliber music with artistry, commitment, spirit, musical attention and presence. Additionally, through community service and outreach, the choir brings choral music to audiences who might not otherwise have access to this art form.

The choir's repertoire includes music of all eras, genres, and styles with emphasis on promoting new works created for treble choirs. Travel highlights include tours of the Czech Republic, the British Isles, and Hawaii.

Individuals who wish to join the ensemble are asked to contact Dr. Kenny Miller for more information.

In Fall 2007, Phoenix College began a mixed community chorus, performing a variety of choral literature for various public performances.

Those interested in joining the ensemble should contact Dr. Kenny Miller or visit the Phoenix Community Choir webpage for more information.

Vocal studies can be achieved through either private studio work or group voice participation. Professors Rachael Bastien, and Dr. Kenny Miller conduct both voice classes and private lessons.

The class format allows each student to learn from the progress of other students in the class, while the private lesson format allows for in-depth focus on techniques and interpretational skills.

While no previous experience is required, students will find that these skills improve with repetitive use and attention.