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Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and Receiving is located in the Operations Building.

The hours of operation are Spring & Fall Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Summer Mon-Thu: 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM Fri: Closed


ALL deliveries to the campus must be received through the Receiving area.  Please inform all vendors making deliveries to the campus that Receiving can be easily accessed from Flower Street, on the north end of campus.

If an employee picks up items from the vendor’s site, the employee is responsible for obtaining the packing slip referencing the purchase order number and presenting that document to the Receiving area.

Online Receiving 

Online receiving is an important part of the purchasing process. Per the established invoicing procedures items must be received online within twenty-four hours of delivery. If items have been damaged, a shortage/overage occurred, or substituted items were received in the delivery, the requester should send an email within 24 hours of delivery to:

When online receiving is complete, it signifies that the items match those listed on the packing slip, which must also match the items on the purchase order. When online receiving is done, it signifies that the requester has received the order and the items were satisfactory. Once items are online received, the items can be invoiced and subsequently paid for by Accounts Payable at the District Office.

Receiving and Invoicing Records 

Receiving records such as packing slips and bills of lading remain with the department and online receiving occurs in the Financial Management System (FMS). Per the Purchase Order Agreement, all invoices should be submitted to District Office Accounts Payable:

2411 W 14TH STREET, TEMPE AZ 85281-6942

Any original invoices delivered directly to the campus must be forwarded to the Fiscal office with an "OK to Pay."

Tagging Assets 

Capital Asset items that are received on campus must be tagged with an MCCCD property tag. Once tagged, through the online receiving process, assets are entered in FMS.

Sending Out Packages 

The Receiving Department is here to assist you in sending out packages via UPS, and can also assist you with shipping out pre-paid FedEx packages. We can assist in the tracking of these packages so that you know when they have reached their intended destinations.

Please do not drop off packages without the receiving clerk checking in the package. If there is any incomplete information on the package, it will not be sent. If the receiving clerk does not know who dropped off the package, he or she will not know who to notify if there is a problem.