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Work Order Request

Online Maintenance Request
Online Maintenance Request

Step by Step instructions:

How to Register/Log in

*Helpful Tip: To create a shortcut to your desktop, find a blank area on this screen and right click on your mouse. You will have the option to create a shortcut or add to your favorites. Creating a shortcut will add an icon to your desktop. You can double click it the next time you want to sign in.

 You will be prompted to enter your MEID and password then click Sign In.

How to Submit a Request

Make sure you are on the Maint Request tab at the top of the screen.

Maintenance Request Examples
*Note: Any field marked with  is a required field.

Step 1: The First Name, Last Name, and Email fields will already be filled in with your contact information and cannot be changed.

Maintenance Request Examples 2

Step 2 Click on the drop down arrow and highlight the Location where the work needs to be done. Do the same for >Building and Area. Also, be sure to type in the area description or room number in the Area/Room Number field.

Maintenance Request Examples 3

Step 3: Select the Problem Type that best describes the request/issue you are reporting.

Maintenance Request Examples 4

Step 4: Type in a description of the problem.

Maintenance Request Examples 5

Step 5 and 6: Requested Completion Date: Use the calendar to select a date that you wish the work to be completed by.

Attachment: Click the Attach New File link to attach a photo or document detailing the issue.

Maintenance Request Examples 6

Final Step : Click Submit at the bottom of the form to submit your request. You will see a list of the notifications you will get via email regarding your request.

Maintenance Request Examples 7

My Request

You can view any requests that you have entered into the system by clicking on the My Requests tab. Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts link and click on My Maint Requests. You will see a listing of   any requests that you have entered into the system. You are also able to print out a listing of your requests by clicking on the printer icon.

Maintenance Request Examples 8

On the My Requests page you will see up-to-date information on your requests including the current status, work order ID number, and action taken notes. You can click on the number next to the status description in the Request Totals section to see all of your requests marked with that status. You can also search for any work order request by typing a key word into the Search box and clicking GO.

Maintenance Request Examples 9

Need Help?

There are several ways to get help for any questions that you may have. Click on the Help link located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Maintenance Request Examples 10

This screen will list a few help options. You may see a  listing of local phone numbers to contact someone within your organization. You will also see a link to download the MaintenanceDirect Requester Manual as well as a  link to access the Online Help page.

Maintenance Request Examples 11

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